Phuket Top Dining Tips

I’m in Phuket staying at the lovely Movenpick Hotel at Karon Beach.

If you’re anything like me then you will want to explore when you are on holiday and part of the joy of being away is trying all the lovely local restaurants.

I usually head for the classier restaurants with nice tablecloths and a decent menu to be sure of better quality food and service but here in Phuket I’ve found the exact opposite seems to apply!

After trying of couple of the nicer looking places and being stung on cost and also receiving surly service, I realised shabby chic was the way to go!

At the better looking restaurants we were paying £35 for a steak, £20 for a chicken dish,  a glass of wine was £6 and a beer was £4.

At the local cafe style restaurants we had great smiley service and lovely quality food all for a fraction  of the price of the posh restaurants that stung us on cost. We paid £16 for a steak (beef is expensive here at its imported from Australia), £8 for a chicken dish, a glass of wine was £2.50 and a beer was £2.50.

So don’t be put off with what the restaurant looks like from

the outside here in Phuket, head for the cafe style places and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re unsure, check out the toilets – if they’re clean, it usually means a clean kitchen too!

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